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Qingzhou Yamingte Electronic Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded on Apr. 3, 2013 and is formerly named as Qingzhou Huayuan Electronic Co., Ltd. (Founded in 2002). The company is located in Qingzhou City, Shangdong Province, adjoining the new provincial highway S102 and enjoying a convenient transportation advantages. At present, there are nearly one hundred employees and superior industrial production equipment. The products of the company are widely applicable for the industrial, transportation, electricity, construction and other industries.

The company is mainly engaged in the manufacturing and trading of: High-frequency transformer for power switch, low-frequency (power frequency) transformer, inductor, mutual inductor, reactor, three-phase transformer, control transformer and special servo transformer

Since establishment, our company always sticks to manufacture the best products with high quality and conforming to high standards, letting the super excellent quality and good reputation among clients speak for the company; introduce the admirable ISO9001 quality management system to improve the quality of products and increase the competitiveness of the enterprises; supplement the employee team incessantly and pay attention to staff training, actively listen to the advices and suggestions of employees to guarantee the joint development of enterprise and employees; increase the automation application level continuously to improve the work efficiency. Our company is always sticking to the core value of "quality assurance, clients-oriented, technology first, making perfection more perfect", carrying out operation sincerely and expanding businesses continuously. With excellent quality of product and a good reputation, the profits of the company are increasing steps by steps, achieving win-win of multiple parties including the enterprise, employee and society.

Company Culture

Corporate philosophy of Yamingte:

Qingzhou Yamingte Electronic Machinery Co., Ltd. is always sticking to the core value of "quality assurance, clients-oriented, technology first, making perfection more perfect" and continuously makes products upgrading and innovation; Since the company was founded in 1990s, our Yamingte has always abided by our promises, and always taken customer satisfaction as our final goals.

Core value idea of the enterprise:

1. High profits of the company

The profits of an enterprise are the premise to realize other benefits. In the value judgment and benefit selection, the company places enterprise benefits in the first, while personal benefits are subject to collective benefits, and local benefits are subject to overall benefits.

2. Factualism

Be true to facts and do not cheat yourself; Be in good faith and responsible. Walk the talk. Factualism is an attitude, and also a capacity.

3 Forward-looking

Surpass current benefits and seek for future benefits; Surpass inherent experience and improve imagination and creativity; Surpass one's own limitation, and turn 5% hope to 100% reality.

4 People-oriented

With people oriented, pay attention to people's influence, attach importance to people's demands, seek for perfect integration of personal success and enterprise achievements, create conditions for people's development and establish the stage without the ceiling.

5 Efficiency first, led by science and technology

Operation philosophy of Yamingte:

1 Development view

Drive the rapid and continuous development of the enterprise with continuously innovation and opening status.

2 Strategic view

The market is the direction of the enterprise, and quality is the life of the enterprise. Strictly follow the market order, normalize the operation and go the way of quality-oriented.


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