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How to improve the efficiency of the power transformer?

As everyone knows, the power transformer is one of the key components in the power grid, whose breakdown will result in power failure of large scale, thus bringing quite significant influence upon the production activities and lives of people. Therefore, , the electricity industry is paying attention to and doing research on the topic about how to improve the usage efficiency of products all the way. Then, how to improve the efficiency of the power transformer? then, let' s discuss it together! 

There are a lot of methods to improve the efficiency of power transformer, firstly, make use of the load reasonably and pay attention to the time allocation; secondly, install the reactive automatic compensator to dig out the potential of power transformer. thirdly, increase the high voltage capacitance; fourth, improve the manufacturing process of transformer, reducing leakage inductance; fifth, increase the value of electrical resistance for wind pressure sampling; fifth, increase the value of electrical resistance of LED power supply system; sixth, decrease the value of electrical resistance of inputting thermal resistor; sixth, install a fast diode of low power at the secondary output end of the power supply system to make absorption in place of RC; seventh, considering the volume and area limitation, PQ, RM-type transformers are preferred and the efficiency of transformer without retaining wall may be promoted if it is permitted according to the installation requirements. eighth, for the electrolytic capacity of input and output power, the efficiency under low electrolytic capacity of AC input power after rectification is lower by 0.2~1%, then what kind of value can be regarded as lower? The ripple wave after rectification of AC input power is checked by the oscilloscope, while the ripple of 10~30V when the power lower than 10w is better, and the ripple of 5~20V when the power over 10W is better. Ninth, purify the parameters of transformer and decrease the eddy-current loss brought in by ringing. 

Except for the methods above, it is feasible to purify the chip's auxiliary power supply system. Those above are the explanations about how to elevate the working efficiency of power transformer and I wish this article may lend a hand for you guys. If you are interested in our products, please make contact and talk with us, no matter who you are and where you are from, you are always warmly welcomed by us and we are looking forward to creating a beautiful future together with you. 


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